Sunday, 17 June 2018


Good Afternoon,
I have been nudged today to share with you some comforting words and support for any of you going through extra hard times. I have always felt a need to come away from my page when I have my own issues because it is very important when helping others that you do not offload your own woes to those looking to you for enlightenment. Yes it is very true to say that we all have challenges and sometimes they seem almost too hard to bear, but it is during these times that we all need support and someone to turn to.. I hope my page is that place for some of you...   Where do you go when you need help? Who do you turn to and who can make it better for you. There are so many answers and we will probably all take a different course of action. For some music will be the key to lifting the spirits and I have found this to be the case many times. Some will lean on another person but sometimes in life, that other person is also looking for help and cannot support you in the way you need. Sometimes just someone being there, sitting with you and listening is all that is needed and during other times being alone with one's thoughts  seems the only way. I want you all to know that during these times of intense worry or fear there are many Angels and Archangels to turn to. I personally read for myself during these times and always get my answer. On occasion I do not like what I see, especially if I am reading from a deck that is a little less gentle. That being said I would rather know what is ahead and have the insight to then deal with it.  Some of you will turn to a special friend who always comes running when times get rough and if you have one of those friends they should be cherished. Fear is always a sign that you are moving away from source and so are thoughts of jealousy or dislike. This can act as a barometer of where you are at if you can be honest with yourself..

Please know that if you are still and connect with The Angels through thought or spoken word they will always assist. Be sure to ask that a favourable outcome is reached for all concerned. Trust and believe that the flow of life is correct and that there are no such things as mistakes. Make your words positive and try not to share too many of your trying times with too many people. Be the light that others want to see and if you start this today, you may just notice a huge shift. It can be difficult when people ask "HOW ARE YOU" You want to scream sometimes and pour out all of your frustration but that is never the way. Simply answer "I AM VERY WELL THANK YOU" Do not be tempted to offload. This in turn only attracts more of the same....
One of the verses from the Tao suggests that the good times hide within the bad times and vice versa..If this is true then we will always be shifting between the two... This we will eventually learn to accept.

Lean on your Angels today, especially AA Michael if fear is creeping in and delight in the knowledge that they are right there by your side... 

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Thank you for visiting my blog spot today. You are very welcome here , please have a read of some of my work from the past 6 years. So lots of you have chosen a card today. The deck I have used is one I created a couple of years back. It seemed a mammoth job to make an oracle deck of mine but when the time was right I simply sat down and completed the whole job in one go. Whilst doing so I had some lovely messages and visitors and I now use these cards daily for myself, my family and many of AMHealing's followers. The cards have a very special way of working and this is what I recommend. Take the card as a reminder (hourly if possible) Come back to it for a period of 24 hours. Look at it, meditate with it and see where it takes you and what it changes. My work is to be the catalyst of change in your world and this has never changed since the day I was asked to serve.
Enjoy your cards and make the most of it's meaning. Make today a day worth living for and remember only you can change things...
If you chose this card then look out for The Ladybird as a sign. The ladybird is also linked to Mother Mary. Know that AA Jeremiel comes in normally to help with relationships and Life reviews whether they be small or large. The colour you are connecting with is Aubergine. Believe it or not giving compliments is such a service to others.
If you chose this card then it is time to get outdoors and listen to the sounds of nature. Birds can convey messages and it is whilst outdoors in nature that you will connect with the Nature angels such as Fairies. Breath.... know that you are never alone and that all that matters is that you try your hardest to be the best version of you that you can be. Take a look at the stars tonight.

If you chose number 3 then Love is high on the agenda. Healing is needed, perhaps forgiveness of another or oneself ? Get creative today in any way you feel will help you connect with home. You will know when this is happening because you won't have a care in the world. This card is a Chakra card and the one  it represents sits midway between your belly button and the base of the spine. When this opened for me I found some huge health benefits. Get Creative today.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018




Journaling and how it CAN change your life..
Journaling was something I began when I took my first steps on this spiritual journey with The Angels back in 2011.. I didn't know it then but this would spark a transformation within me and would form part of something quite extraordinary in the form of "Becoming Aligned" with oneself. This was only a fraction of the work that lay ahead but nonetheless a very important part. I had been told by my tutors that I should write as often as I could about my day and the little insignificant coincidences that unknowingly became a driving force like nothing I had ever encountered before. Some say it is after the dark night of the Soul that the real change comes, whereby your experiences in life may now have a power of it's own in which to help others. Many of you I know have felt this happen to you where things felt so down you feared  you may never be able to get back up again and carry on.

 I worked for an Airline at the time and wrote at every opportunity on various HOTEL headed paper or in fact any paper I could get my hands on. I had been told that if I didn't journal I would never remember all parts of the journey and that if I thought I could catch up at some point and document my days later on  I was wrong. Well thankfully I did write,  for 2 years solid and although I do not look at this work now, I know it is there and that my thoughts went onto paper creating a noticeable change. You see we store so many thoughts, dreams and ideas in our heads and they whirl around ebbing and flowing depending on our moods but I believe that if they come out of the soul into the physical in the form of words then we really are creating something special . What was quite surprising was the way in which so much happened within each 24 hour period and that there seemed SO much to write about. If I was experiencing a challenge or a sad time, I would document that too. I didn't just save the journal for he good times.  I would put questions on the paper not knowing who would answer but I knew someone was listening. It is of course only now that I know I was tapping into the Divine and all that it had to offer me in the way of guidance and help.  It was about this time that I felt a link to The Angelic vibration and I purchased my first deck of cards. I started to take photos with my phone for the first time ever of Nature  and with all of this came an opening of my  Sacral Chakra. My creative side was showing up and I was ever so grateful. With that came some health changes linked to this chakra and it was all making perfect sense. To this day I always push Creativity in others and I have witnessed some wonderful results.  
It seems there may be a gap between the who you are and who you want to be and although it sometimes feels a very long way away, it is actually much nearer than you think.  It can be a time of frustration whilst waiting for the new to arrive and yes there are chapters which I believe we must live out in order to reach the next one but being idle and doing nothing to encourage that new chapter will not do. This is where the journaling kicks in as a kind of self-awareness. Being awake as I like to call it and being conscious of The Karmic effects of your existence. Karma simply being the cause and effect not necessarily good or bad but just reactions and effects of  how you are living your life.
Writing seems to be something that has gone out of fashion as we spend most of our spare time starring at a computer screen or mobile phone and I believe this to be partly to blame for the feelings of frustration, boredom and fatigue. Our children don't write much. Our parents may do depending on their age but how beautiful it is to see someone's handwriting in a card or in the form of a letter. It's funny really because even special occasion cards are sent direct from companies now and you will not see anything in them other than computer generated words and letters.  I don't know about you but handwriting is so personal to the individual. Where does it come from?.. Why is everyone's unique? .. Does it seep out from our soul as an expression of our creativity? So many questions..... yet handwriting is so rarely seen these days.
Journaling can help to manifest your GOALS... Just like The "I AM " manifestation that I have spoken about , read and used with success.  This flow of words onto paper helps to crystallize the dream. It really does help to make it happen. The words are tools and the tools are then on a page ready to go into action. They have been spoken and weaved into life. I just love this thought. It is a great idea to journal before the day begins and at the end of the day. The morning part brings focus and can include a favourite quote that you may wish to use as the prefix.. The end part can be used to assess your success, count your blessings , miracles and more. You can also take a look at what you didn't like, look at what you could have done better and sleep on those parts ready to wake and face another day as a better version of you than  you were yesterday appears. Journaling also helps with mindfulness as you step into the NOW with pen poised and focus on neatness and present thoughts. Writing about what is present in that moment is what counts. This is similar to meditating but with a tool rather than sitting still. Imagine this... A house needs a plan right? Without that plan there would be nothing... The plan is on paper to begin with and from that plan the house is built.... This journal that you are about to start is your foundation... Build it up and build it big and watch it illuminate and enter your life..
Words on paper can be a way to dream, to share worries that you dare not speak out loud to anyone else. The journal can be also used for prayer and poems. It can keep hope alive  in your life and start a close daily connection with ANGELS & SPIRIT/LOVED ONES.. In fact I also believe very much in the concept of Automatic writing and compose many of my readings that way.

As you will see from the pictures my new range is all about Journaling. Each unique journal will be made with an Angel in mind or a task in mind and will be  beautifully hand made.  Each page sewn into the book by hand and through this process I aim to weave in some magic to help you find the joy of journaling and also the amazing benefits that come with it . In a similar way to  how my candles work these journals will be made as I link in with The angels & Spirit and each one will  pop up looking for an owner. I will channel any messages I receive while making it to help the owner come forward. The Divine will be waiting to assist... You won't be able to resist writing in it because inside there will be an energy far different from a book made in a factory. That is not to say you can't create magic from a shop bought journal because of course you can but I am linking these to The Angelic Vibration I feel as I begin each one and I have no doubt I have been asked to do this from above. As each one is finished it will be made available. If you feel drawn to a journal be quick and message me to purchase.  The funny thing is that when I was a little girl I adored paper. Any kind really and I am the same now. Give me a choice of a clothes shop or a stationary shop and I don't have to spend long pondering on the choice. The other funny thing is that when I passed my Healer Training back in 2013, my tutor said she could see me working with a special kind of paper. That meant little to me at the time but here we are.. I get to work with paper and bring you something special.

"EVERY TIME YOU OPEN YOUR JOURNAL KNOW                                                     YOU              ARE                     
                                 WORKING WITH ANGELS"

Some interesting points..
Studies have also shown that the emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces better sleep.

Journaling is an ancient tradition that dates back to at least 10th century Japan, and it's no mystery why it's still a beloved practice. The benefits of journaling reach far beyond the page. Pen plus paper equals a powerful life tool for cultivating awareness, tracking transformation, and building a good relationship with oneself, others, and life itself.

Journaling calls a wandering mind to the present moment, the only place where you can tap into the power of the universe and change the direction of your thoughts. This moment is also the only place where happiness can be wrought, for you’re never truly anywhere else but here and now.

Negative self-talk is a common thread in stress, anxiety, panic and depressive disorders. It is crucial that we’re able to safely navigate the swirling sea of thoughts inside our head.
Writing helps locate the negative thoughts that are floating around inside, identifying patterns that may not be serving our deepest desires and joy. By facing them, and translating them into words, we can purposefully work through them and with (not against) them, and then move beyond them.

A useful tool in the healing process, journal writing helps you discover hidden lessons in challenging situations through reflection, contemplation, and release. You always have the power to change your mind and writing empowers you to make that miraculous shift perspective.

Journaling is a safe outlet for processing emotions and enhancing self-awareness which helps us to better understand ourselves and how we handle our relationships. Writing our emotions down on paper can shine light on the bigger picture, leading to resolutions, deeper connections, and new beginnings.

Could there be as much magic in a journal as there is in one of my candles... ? Yes indeed there can be...
£35 for A6 £55 for A5


Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Good Afternoon,
Verse 4 has been wonderful as the focus falls upon infinity, endlessness, emptiness, nothingness but yet our very essence containing everything we need.  The Tao is simply inexhaustible, it is never going to diminish or run out. Really this is just like our own pure essence which is so much more than just our form. Many of you will have heard the phrase " We are Spiritual beings taking on a temporary human form" Well this verse relates to that in my opinion. Thoughts travel to a place so much deeper than what we see and hear and feel but a calling to tap into the soul. The Tao actually is our ancestor, our Mother or Father , our ocean perhaps and all will return back to that state of being Just like the rivers and valleys and streams all return there too. Empty yet full, all providing yet inexhaustible. A great way to look at verse 4 is to stand in a room full of furniture. Imagine somebody asking you to explain the room but that person did not want to hear about the furniture or the contents. How would you explain its very essence? How much is there in that room that you have never contemplated? I have spent time meditating on this while reciting the verses and although you will never know the Tao, you will come to know and visit that other place...
This verse also asks us to go beyond our mind and thoughts and tap into something much more meaningful. This place is the place that existed before our own consciousness was born. Think about it for a moment.. It is pure magic..

Friday, 14 July 2017

If you overvalue status
you will create contentiousness.
If you overvalue possessions,
people will begin to steal.
Do not display your treasures
or people will become envious.

The Master leads by
emptying people’s minds
and filling their cores,
by weakening their ambitions
and toughening their resolve.
He helps people lose everything
they know, everything they desire,
and creates confusion
in those that think they know.

Practise not-doing.
and everything will fall into place.

Verse 3
Wow it is hard to believe that the 4 days spent with verse 3 are coming to an end. Of course the words will live on so there is not really an ending as such but a time to reflect and gather one's thoughts before studying verse 4. You see verse 3 is all about emptiness, not having, not doing and just being. It teaches us that if we show too much of what we conceive to be special or better than that which someone else has then we immediately cause friction. Yes human nature brings about these feelings and not everyone is studying how to better one'self so the less we show off, the less we create envy and the more peace that ensues. Of course we will all be proud at times and want to share good times along the way but why not think for a short while about how you share these moments... It is also a good time to think about your possessions. Do they make you the person you are and what would you be without them? 
Verse 3 teaches us to simply wake up HAPPY... Lao Tzu says that Happiness is the way and it is not something we can seek to find. It is here all of the time but it is always a choice. Just as verse 3 says, WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. 
Imagine having a life that was so very full yet from the outside looked empty to some. No flash car.. no huge TV screen on the wall, no designer clothes in the wardrobe, no shoes lined up never being worn... Just imagine if you had no possessions? Could you cope? Wayne Dyer started this year long work by asking his secretary to get rid of almost everything he possessed . He wanted to start from the bottom up but without the need to gain along the way. We can all do the same, in fact it is very easy. Give things away, don't become what you have and empty your life of clutter. Start trusting that all is well and know that everything you can see started as an idea, a thought if you like... Once you think on that for a moment you understand anything is possible. I have spent the last few weeks car hunting after having my car written off.. I became quite frustrated with the hunting process but last night I asked for help before going to sleep. The help arrived as it always does and today the very car I had been looking for showed up...... I thought it up and it happened....
Be still.. try not to do... let desires go and let freedom in. Remember that the EGO stands for edging God out ... 
Looking forward very much to verse 4
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Sunday, 9 July 2017


Hello and welcome back... I have spent the last 4 days working with verse 2 of the Tao De Ching and what enlightenment it has brought to my every day thinking.. It centers around judgments, ego, opposites and doing what is right for the universe. The core of the focus for this verse reminds us that we should work without ever expecting anything back for our efforts and that little should be said about good deeds. If you were to be totally honest how many times have you done something nice or good for someone and then told another about your work? This verse teaches us that our work must be DONE and then forgotten and that way it will last forever. In fact Wayne Dyer breaks this verse above into the following..
It takes a while to get your head around these words admittedly but after 4 days I get it... It has changed my thought process completely when giving from the heart. Similar to how a Mother gives love without any expectations, we too must do the same with all of our daily work. Another beautiful quote that Wayne uses says that..
We are talking about giving here from the heart even when the love is not or cannot be offered back. That does not matter, it matters only that we give. I love this verse very much. I have also contemplated the beauty of a rose and paused upon the fact that the prickly thorn leads up to the rose itself. Proving that good and bad however perceived or beautiful and ugly are one of the same. Let go of all judgments and just practice being. This moment is really all we have to work with.... Make plans as Wayne says but don't fall in love with them as you may be required to be flexible and change course..

Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hello & Welcome 
Many of you would have been a big part of my 6 year chapter of growth disguised within a wonderful page on FB otherwise known as AMHealing.. About a month or so ago I decided to follow a strong nudge that was re-directing my work. I have had several of these nudges and despite not always wanting to listen and follow, I have done so even if it has meant that I appear confusing to others. Each time I followed, the reason became clear and so my recent decision was one of the easiest I had to make. I believe very strongly that I have been placed in some awkward positions but that I was there to complete a job. A task which I rarely had much choice in. My point here being that we should always listen to that nudge. As Wayne Dyer would say "IF PRAYER IS US SPEAKING TO GOD, THEN INTUITION IS HIM SPEAKING BACK TO US" Maybe we are not all in that place of being able to listen but I do believe it is a place we can slowly find..
So...... As I presumed my work is far from done and my next chapter sees a wonderful year ahead of self study through the work of Lao Tzu... As you will see above in the picture, The Tao de Ching was written 500 years before the birth of Jesus.. Lao Tzu was a Chinese Philosopher and his work has been translated over 14000 times. I came to find out about this work after choosing some beauty products made by RITUALS and on the side of the container I noticed the name was TAO.... Now this was only one of the amazing syncronicities I felt taking place and there were many more to come. I purchased the book (pictured below) just after Christmas this year and started to work with the verses that Wayne Dyer had broken down into his interpretation of the work. This made it easier but it still required much thought to engage in the work fully. I would read a verse and apply it to that day and then sometimes I would leave the book for a while and simply get on with my busy life.. 
Now about a week ago and during a time when there is much going on with my own family I found myself watching a video with Wayne and Oprah Winfrey... I was in awe and knew I was being called back to work with the verses.. This time though I would find myself working with my daughter on what will be a whole year of self study.. Basically we are taking one of the 81 verses and applying it for 4 days. Wayne Dyer did this and he is our inspiration. I will add a link at the bottom for anyone who feels drawn to watch the video..
I have decided to write about each verse after working with it and share my thoughts on how it has impacted my life with examples where possible. You will find many people have completed this work for a year and also blogged about it so feel free to search the Internet for other explanations of how the verses can be interpreted. Anyone can do it but as I have always said, if you are going to do something then give it your all....
Verse 1......(as explained by Wayne Dyer)

Ok so you are thinking what on Earth does that mean? Well firstly Dao..Tao are the same thing pronounced with the D.... Now the naming of things gives it a label and the DAO has no label.. It simply cannot be named because it is the way.. It is the great mystery... It cannot be pinned down... It is the way... It has no name because it is the way.....  The Tao is not a 'name' for a 'thing' but the underlying natural order of the Universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe due to it being non conceptual yet evident' in one's being of aliveness.. So as you can see we are working with the path, the key, the route etc.....

Now the first part of the verse is simply wonderful.. When your day gets difficult or challenges arise remember it is always a choice.. The choice being whether or not you choose to enjoy this great mystery or not.. It will not always be easy and as the world shows us much suffering, it also shows us many more good and kind things than those that are not so good.. My daughter and I studied this verse for 4 days and we meditated upon it's meaning. We had regular updates about how we could apply it to our daily lives and we both found that we were able to mentally speak it and bring about a sense of enjoyment when the task at hand or the situation seemed difficult. It brought about a feeling as Wayne explains of watering down the EGO . That EGO which he explains beautifully as the part of us that likes to be  "EDGING GOD OUT"...  When we feel separated this is the ego working at its best.. He suggests we start to edge God back in and by doing this we realise we are all one. We always have a choice.. So four beautiful days were spent speaking, thinking and doing verse 1..... It was life changing and the words are etched in my memory forever... I HAVE A CHOICE......
My aim is to share each verse with you as I complete it .... I hope you enjoy....